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Africa is the second largest continent on the earth. It has desert and jungles and even a glacier. There are 54 fully independent countries in Africa, including its neighboring islands. It is fairly non-urbanized and most of the population lives in the rural areas of the continent. Almost one-tenth of its total land is covered by the Sahara, which is the biggest desert in the world. Different cultures and traditions are followed in various parts of Africa. Art and architecture reflects the diversity of African cultures.

There is a close connection between music and language in some local cultures of the African Continent. The reason behind it may be that many of the languages spoken there are tonal languages. It is the fact that music is influenced by the languages, environment and cultures. Traditional African music is an integral part of the people residing in this Dark Continent and represents their unique and colorful culture in the truest sense.

There are many different varieties of music in Africa, especially within the regions. The ostinato is frequently used in traditional music of Africa. It is a type of short phrases of music that has pleasing rhythmic patterns. This unique Rhythm is one of the distinguishing features of continent’s traditional music that makes it different from the music of the rest of the world.

A wide variety of instruments are used in the African music that makes it more melodious. Drums including xylophones are one of the famous musical instruments of Africa. Tone producing instruments like mbira, which is also known as the thumb piano, is extensively used in the regional African music. Thus we can say that African Continent is very rich in its music that unites the people of Africa together.

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