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Australia is the smallest continent and one of the most beautiful places in the world. It comprises of many small island nations that is spread near the main Australian nation. The total population of this continent is more than 20 million and most of the people live around the coastline. The coastal areas of Australia are popular because it contains many reefs and beaches. The Central part of Australia has a very less density of population as most of the part is a desert with scarcity of water. Tasmania, New Guinea and other small islands fall under the Australian Continent. Australia is known as the land of Kangaroos as they are found in plenty.

Like all other continents, people of Australia also follow their own tradition and culture that varies according to regions. It is a multicultural continent that is rich in immigrant and indigenous cultures. Music, literature and traditional designs are the most important parts of Australian culture.

The basis of continent’s culture has been robustly influenced by Anglo-Celtic Western culture. Other cultural impacts come from nearest Asian countries and through major immigration from non-English-speaking nations. Australian music covers an extraordinary range, from classical to contemporary.

Australian aborigines evolved a variety of unique musical instruments including Didgeridoo and Clapsticks which were used in traditional ceremonies. The Didgeridoo is a simple wooden tube blown with the lips like a trumpet. It is the most famous instrument used in Australia. The traditional music of inland Australians holds a lot of meaning in their culture.

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