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Afro Colombian


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South America is the fourth biggest continent in area which is spread over 17,840,000 square kilometers. The major geographical location of the continent is located in the southern hemisphere. Pacific Ocean is located in the west, while the Atlantic Ocean is located in the eastern part of the continent. Twelve nations come under the South American continent and Brazil is biggest among them. The longest mountain range, the Andes and one of the biggest rivers of world, Amazon are also situated in this continent.

Major concentration of the population is on the eastern and western coast of the continent, whereas the interior part has a relatively low density. The cultural and musical diversity found in South America is rarely seen in other parts of the world. The traditional music and songs developed in the continent dates back to many centuries. The culture of folk music in the continent is developed by the indigenous people of South America.

The influence of Spanish and Portuguese culture is evident in the folk songs as they ruled in many parts of South America. The folk music evolved near the Andes mountain range is known as Andean which is an integral part of the people residing in that area. Different nations like Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil has a long history of their own music and culture.

Some of the instruments that are used in the traditional music of South America include drum, flute, guitar, bombo, piano, tamborim, trumpet, cymbal, violin and mandolin.

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